Best Practices

Merchandising Techniques that Ensure Optimal Food Safety and Presentation

Keeping all of the food in your fresh food display cases or in either refrigerated or non-refrigerated cases fresh, appetizing, and safe is a major concern.

Delicate and perishable products can go bad very quickly, costing your business money. It's also a risk to your business to sell food items that may have spoiled or are unsafe to eat.

By investing in some simple accessories designed to improve food safety, presentation, and energy costs, you will improve your sales and reduce product losses.

If your store features fresh food display cases, such as a deli or bakery cases, these showcases need to be properly lit. Customers need to be able to clearly see each product they are contemplating purchasing. And the case lights should have a proper spectrum balance so as not to distort the colors of the food but to naturally illuiminate the bright and appetizing colors of the food. However, there is more to quality fresh case lighting than just color balance.

Why You Should Switch to Promolux Balanced Spectrum Low Radiation Lamps

The heat and light from the case lighting can warm sensitive and perishable foods, leading to greater bacteria and pathogen growth in the food products. This heat and light can also dry out delicate baked goods and other foods, leading to unecessarily high volumes of lost product.

Dis-colorization and oxidation also occur, leading to faded or pre-maturely ruined foods. By choosing a low radiation, balanced spectrum lamp like Promolux, you are ensuring the proper display of foods without additional spoilage.

Why Econofrost Night Covers are In-demand Among Major Retailers

If you operate one or many open refrigerated or freezer cases, you know how much energy they use. While you may not be able to change much about their energy consumption, there is a simple and effective device that can save you money. A device that is used while your business is closed allowing for full shopper access to saleable items during the day.

Econofrost reflective case covers work to keep the cold air circulating in the case, keeping the food at more consistent temperatures and putting less of a strain on the refrigeration system.

The Strain of Older Equipment

Older equipment may struggle to keep food at the proper holding temperatures for a full day and as a result expends more energy increasing operating costs. If your food products have been reaching unsafe temperatures, there is a considerable risk to both you and the consumer.

As a retrofit product, Econofrost night covers keep items at optimal temperature all night, making it easier for them to stay cool during the day. Econofrost products can be installed on any existing cases, and the investment made in purchasing this product line is recovered very quickly.

That's why major retail chains opt for chain-wide installations because they save so much money that it is an obviously smart investment. Even small independent shops benefit by installing Econofrost night covers. With a serviceable life of up to ten years, grocery stores and small corner markets save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month!

If you're losing food due to improper lighting, or if your energy bills are high from your refrigerated cases struggling to run all night, you can improve your profit margin immediately with either of these items.

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